Polt vs hydra grand finals of eat

polt vs hydra grand finals of eat

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Polt vs hydra grand finals of eat -

TOXiC против Agent. CPLAY против fnatic. HerO против SjoW. Recursive против Fnatic. Speed Gaming против PBS. Reason Gaming. NaVi против coL-Dignitas. TargA против MC. LowLandLions против VeryGames. CPH Wolves против k1ck. Да, выйдут против Нет, не выйдут. Fnatic против Power Rangers. Team Empire против Sigma. Astana Dragons против solemn. polt vs hydra grand finals of eat

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SC2 - TRUE vs Polt [ZvT] - Grand-Final - Bo7 - DreamHack Zowie Open Montreal 2016

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